Officially reserved for Nexus 5 and 7, the Android L Developer Preview is now available on the Google Nexus 4 through a port of sykopompos XDA. This is a beta, its installation is via a custom recovery.

Android L Developer Preview


This procedure is risky, if you do not follow the procedure properly, you can end up with a phone unusable. Back up all your data first. Neither Moleandroid or myself will not be held responsible for anything. The Android L Developer Preview version (overview) for developers who want to test their applications. Back up your data first, they will be erased when flashing Android L.


  • Nexus 4 charged at least 80%
  • Nexus 4 Roote
  • Data backup, backup Nandroid

Android L Developer Preview install on Nexus 4

1. Download the ROM here.

2. Copy the file to your Nexus 4, easily accessible folder or the root.

3. Reboot into recovery mode (remember, low volume + power, then choose Recovery and press power).

Android L Developer Preview

4. Select. Wipe data / factory reset and confirm.

5. In the mounts & storage menu . Choose size system.

Android L Developer Preview

6. In the advanced menu, choose wipe dalvik cache.

7. Choose install zip from SD Card then install 7zip., Get the ROM file copied earlier and click OK.

Android L Developer Preview

8. Choose wipe cache.

9. In the advanced menu, select wipe dalvik cache again.

10. Finally, choose reboot system.

The first reboot may take a few minutes.

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