The cornerstone of security on Android , antivirus and anti-malware multiply and form part of the most downloaded applications. However, the installation of such application, is not necessarily

Do not be afraid! If Android is the most popular platform among pirates malware creators, there is very little chance that you are infected a day. And it is an antivirus editor said. In its annual report, the company Lookout (Lookout Mobile Security Editor) explains that the chance of getting a malware every week is between 0.4 and 1% in France. Statistical originally a little obscure, but which represents well the low rate of infection. This figure is all the more surprising that the editors of malware do not hesitate to produce alarmist reports of thousands of malware crawling on the Play Store and affecting millions of devices. According to Lookout, only a few hundred are present on Android malware, others are just copies. As the millions of affected devices, they are more in Russia or China than in France.

The Lookout report also stipulates that if the possibility of encountering malware every week (meeting does not mean being infected) is 2% on average in Europe, the rate climbs to over 40% in Russia. The reason is simple, both Russia and China do not have access to Google Play Store, Andronautes must therefore provide applications in alternative markets poorly secured.

What are the real risks?

Most malware have a similar function, they try to access your personal information to sell or exploit by sending premium SMS on your back. Google detectors are very effective against these methods. Security solutions are also a joy to denounce these malware whose operation varies little. These are usually placed in repackagées applications. This barbaric refers conventional applications (often paying and popular) that are downloaded by hackers, as amended by the insertion of malware, then made ​​available for free on alternative stores. So two boards are needed, do not download paid apps for free and do not install applications from unknown sources (unless you fully trust in this source).

Unnecessary anti-malware?

If you download your apps on Google Play Store, then the value of a security solution is limited. Unless you want to lose autonomy and stopping a little more performance from your device. That is why security vendors communicate other aspects that can seduce you. Deleting data remotely in case of theft, automatic backup contacts and SMS, anonymous web surfing or managing permissions granted to applications. In the latter case, you will realize that the application complies with the less your personal data and allows to change is your antimalware It remains to know how far you are willing to go to protect you ghosts. threats However, if you drag outside the Google Play to recover your applications and you have authorized installations from unknown sources, then a comprehensive security solution is needed.

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