The Asus PadFone Mini is a hybrid device rather special to grasp. This special Asus PadFone Mini tutorial offers you the keys to control vital functions of the smartphone / tablet and the special overlay of this device.

The Asus PadFone Mini is a hybrid device straddling between the tablet and smartphone with a multitude of uses. The overlay affixed by the Taiwanese manufacturer offers some features allowing you to enjoy longer the smartphone / tablet. These small additions manufacturer rather well hidden in the settings PadFone Mini. So we offer in this special Asus PadFone Mini tutorial to address these different features.

The Asus PadFone Mini admittedly, is not remarkable for its autonomy. Fortunately the PadStation compensates this pitfall quite disabling. Our special tutorial PadFone Mini oriented performance and ergonomics, will give you some keys to pull up the uses to consider with the Asus device.

Asus Padfone Mini

5 Practical tips for your Asus PadFone Mini

The Reading Mode

In the depths of subheading Display Settings is the Reading Mode. The latter, once activated, is responsible for changing the color of the screen depending on the application you are browsing on your screen.

Select Yes to activate the function. If you’re in the context using your camera to see photos from your gallery or text on the Web, choose the first mode called mode image and text. On the other hand if you prefer to engage in reading ebooks and web pages, text-only mode is the one to apply.

Pressing Add application, you select those over which the previously defined method will apply. The tab will blow you recommend apps for which this function is to be useful (photo viewer, web browser …), but you can add all the apps on your smartphone. By going to the Downloaded tab. One way less tiring eyes.

Interactions with Padfone Station

In the Custom Settings Asus, hides the menu to govern the PadFone Station, the famous dock which is grafted the smartphone to turn into a tablet. Touch the PadFone Settings.

Here you will have the opportunity to choose automatic answer, at an incoming call when you leave the station smartphone (Incoming Call). Different charging modes available to you: Smart Reloading allows you to charge a device after another (the tablet and smartphone).

This is the one you should choose to enjoy longer for your device. Important: the display tilting, once activated, is responsible to keep all open applications when you place the smartphone mode to tablet mode.

Enjoy the Asus Padfone Mini for longer

The PadFone Mini incorporates an energy-saving mode called Power Management (again and again in Settings). Once you found it, click Power Saver. Once activated, by rocking the big button Yes (right Smart Saving), several power saving modes are presented. The most radical is the first named max energy savings. which is responsible for cutting the network connections when the device is in standby.

You remain however reachable, fear not. Optimized, meanwhile, maintains the network connection, so you can continue to be notified of the receipt of for example an email. Finally Personalized with which you apply different brightness settings based on the application in use. Remember that the screen remains primarily responsible for energy consumption on smartphones and tablets.

Fast Access

By default, your unlock screen will offer access to three applications: Camera, Contacts and SMS / MMS Manager. By going into the Display Settings and opening the named lock screen menu you can change these quick access, or completely off (by switching the switch to No). So quick touch access and press the application to replace to select the new will come to nest on your unlock screen.

Apps Lock

If you usually lend your device, perhaps would you like to keep control over apps (app from your bank, photo gallery, email ). To do this, the Asus PadFone Mini integrates solution named AppLock with the right to block access to these apps.

In the launcher apps, click the three vertical dots and select Lock apps. Set a password and repeat it and then press OK. Select apps to lock by touching the small padlock placed next to the last will be colored yellow and will close. Press OK to confirm the selected applications such as to lock. The Apps will disappear from your launcher. To find them, again choose Lock apps and fill in your password.

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