What makes the success of an intelligent personal assistant, beyond its relevance? Its omnipresence and ease of access. While carrying Cortana on Android and iOS Microsoft has already worked a lot on the issue of its availability. According to MSPowerUser, the issue of accessibility could be greatly improved on Android soon.

The next step, currently available in beta testing, should allow users of the Google OS to launch Cortana directly from the wizard Locked screen of their smartphone.

It will be enough for them to slide their finger on the logo of the assistant of Microsoft, which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, to invoke it.

In other words, Cortana can be launched in the same way as the Camera application, for example, on most Android devices. The only condition, it seems, is to have previously activated the option in the settings of the application, once installed the next update. It should arrive within a few weeks.

Launched in this way, Cortana will give access to all the information it centralizes for you and it will even be possible to ask her to perform the usual tasks you entrust her: make an appointment, create a reminder, etc. .

However, two questions arise. The first is for those who use a custom locked screen. Apparently, Cortana does not short-circuit it, it simply adds. The second key is the personal data that the Microsoft wizard handles. In this case, since Cortana will operate without restriction without the smartphone being unlocked, it will be better to be careful and ensure that Microsoft has put the necessary safeguards to protect your privacy from potential curious.

Only problem: Cortana is not yet available in French and therefore on the Google Play Store in the Hexagon. But if you are fluent in English, you can download it as an APK.


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