What will the future interface of Windows 10 look like? To this question, the site MSPoweruser has an early response by being able to manipulate a version of Windows that uses the NEON project. This is the code name of this interface that should make its appearance with the Redstone 3 update.

As seen on screenshots, the NEON project focuses on animations, simplicity and consistency. “A mixture between the Aero Glass of Windows 7 and the animations of Windows Phone 7 and 8,” analyzes MSPoweruser.

Blur and transparency

Thus, Microsoft introduces a new component called “Acrylic” which consists globally of a blur effect. It applies both to the wallpaper when the application is in the foreground, but also to parts of the software used as the sidebar or navigation.

An animated Gif shows for example its integration with the application Groove Music. When an album list is rolled up, the descriptive part of the artist is minimized (as well as its photo), while the pockets are scrolled behind, masked by a blur effect.

First the Creators Update

Same thing for Outlook: the two side bars, displaying the different mailboxes and the list of emails, is transparent with the background. The window for reading the message is entirely hidden so as not to disrupt the reading of its contents.

These modifications are of course still subject to validation by Microsoft. The Redstone 3 update should be launched in the fall of 2017. Meanwhile, the next will be the Creators Update in April next .

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