Knock It happened with the LG G2. This feature has proven to be a more detail. It unlocks the smartphone are striking as a door, which the use is very convenient, especially with one hand. Did you know that you can use Knock On 5 on the Nexus?


If the feature is simple, the procedure to get the Nexus 5 is a little less. We should indeed change the way the phone reacts in standby mode, and for this we must change the kernel directly, which manages the relationship system Рcomponents. We must therefore have a Nexus 5 Roote and bootloader unlocked.  We will then flash a new kernel, ElementalX, provides management exemplary battery.


Note: if autonomy is a major concern for you, go your way. Although ElementalX has the reputation of being energy efficient, we ordoner him to remain active even in sleep, in other words, to be “listening” Knock On.


Flash an alternative kernel risky, if you do not follow the procedure properly, you can end up with a phone unusable. Back up all your data first. Neither Moel Android or myself will not be held responsible for anything.

Use Knock On the Nexus 5

With Nexus 5 Roote, simply download the kernel for your ROM and your device from this page, below the first post. Take one for your smartphone and its current rom. Version … Express is a preconfigured version, if you just want to use Knock On, choose the latter.

Then copy the download to your Nexus 5 file and reboot into bootloader mode (volume down + power off from the smartphone).


Using the volume buttons, scroll to Recovery Mode and press the power button. Once in recovery mode, scroll to install zip and press power. Go get the kernel file and confirm.

Note: If your Nexus 5 running with a custom kernel, you need to reflash your ROM (no wipe) and then flash ElementalX.

Here’s how photos:


You must accept the terms of use and read the warning about custom kernels. You know the drill: If something happens to your smartphone, this is your problem. In addition, your warranty can jump. If you do not know which settings to choose, leave them as is. Once on the Sleep / Wake Settings menu, select the action you prefer for the “toc toc” to Knock On, as on the G2 and G3, choose DoubleTab2Wake.


Once you reboot Nexus 5, you can wake up your Nexus 5 with the same principle as Knock On. You have been warned: the battery is loaded and self suffers. If you want to go back and disable the feature, you just need to do in settings ElementalX.

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