The IOIO (pronounced “yo-yo”) is a small board designed to work with your phone based on Android (1.5 or higher OS). This gives you all kinds of access to your Android phone via USB or Bluetooth and it’s fully controllable from an Android application.


The IOIO board contains a single MCU that acts as a USB host, it interprets commands from an Android app. the IOIO can interact with peripheral devices in the same way as most μControleurs like:
Digital input / output,
analog input,
You can write code to control these interfaces in the same way that you write an application Andoird using a specified  library for the application. This means you can use all the features of your phone the computing power, Bluetooth, GPS, Touch Internet / LCD, etc. – and combine them with the ability to easily add devices to interact with the outside world.

The IOIO board has many inputs / outputs identical to the Arduino kits.

Despite its small size (70 x 30 mm), We find 48 pins I / O :

  •      16 analog inputs (10-bit ADC)
  •      9 PWM outputs
  •      Up to 4 serial UART type
  •      Up to 3 serial-type SPI
  •      Up to 3 serial-type TWI (I2C compatible)


The card also has a 5V 1.5A voltage regulator for charging the Android device using the USB connection, it can also help to supply small dc motors for example.

On the Android device, simply install an application (JAR) that allows to control the input / output card IOIO.

It is also possible to achieve its dedicated applications using the Android SDK for more flexibility.



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