A new app that supports SMS called Hangouts for Messenger launched on Nexus 6. We were able to test it on our Nexus 7 Android 5.0 Lollipop.


Messenger is the application that replaces Hangouts on devices without a SMS application builder. Hangouts will not disappear and can be used as an application default message, but seems more ergonomic Messenger to manage SMS and MMS. As we said in our article on Google Fit, a system dump of the Nexus 6 ended up on the canvas there within hours. The opportunity to get the APK installed by default on the Nexus 6 So we managed to install Messenger on our Nexus 7 equipped with the preview version of Android 5.0 Lollipop. The opportunity to quickly discover how it works, even if the Nexus 7 does not allow sending SMS.


At the opening of the application, we get the space reserved for conversations with the top right button to access the menu (Settings, Help and archived messages). Bottom right is the button that creates a new conversation, and therefore write SMS or MMS. Pressing this button opens a new window that is divided into two parts with the keyboard at the bottom. If the user wants to add an attachment, a picture preview opens automatically to take a picture to attach to this message. By scanning this preview to the right, it is possible to attach a picture already in the phone or record a voice memo to insert into the message….

Once the message is sent (or saved as a draft), a new conversation appears in the home screen of the application. If the contact has a photo, it will appear in a little bubble next to the contact name (or number if the contact is not saved). It also feels Material Design is everywhere. Each conversation has a color which is modeled on the color of the circle of the avatar of the contact. You can see the difference in the second set of screenshots: one of our contacts has a blue avatar, orange against the other.

To conclude, a pretty standard operation, but the interface has been redesigned completely over Hangouts. However it will be to test Messenger on a fully functional before getting a final opinion phone. However, the past with the application first few minutes convinced us.

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