You want to enjoy an application on your LG G3, but you are stopped because of the need to root your LG G3? Purple Drake, is a simple tool developed by thecubed, will facilitate the rooting process in just a few clicks.

You imagine that the super-user rights are not limited to that root, but this is usually the reason why users remove the lock that offers a bit of freedom to their Android. We can take the example of the framework of Xposed. If you discover it is as a tool to access customization options that do not require installing a Custom ROM. A module called “Xposed GEL Settings” allows to extend the possibilities of customizations Now Google Launcher , using the framework of Xposed. Clearly, Xposed is a tool that allows you to modify the system and applications to its image. This is one of the possibilities offered by the root, there are a host of others to discover, specific to your device or not.Addressing to LG G3 holders thecubed ,alias IOMonster, has developed a small software to assign privileges to root latest Korean smartphone ! The tool we are talking about is compatible with almost all models of LG D-855 sold in Europe, among several other models (D850, D851, F400L, F400S, F400K, etc..).
If you want to grant superuser rights to your Android, know that the data stored in your device may be deleted by the process. You are aware that this type of manipulation involves risks and may adversely affect the operation of your device. Learn up to know what you‘re getting yourself to avoid disappointment! An alternative that, if it continues to evolve, could take its meaning face to others. Remains to be seen which is the most reliable and easiest.For more information, visit the XDA Developers forum.

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