Qcast Music is not the first application of its kind, but it has the advantage of being adapted to Chromecast. And it makes perfect sense.

Qcast Music
Qcast Music

I used to rock a Spotify playlist to my friends a few days before my evening, inviting them to collaborate. Of course, most people do not have the time and I must admit that it is quite difficult to come up with ideas outside the specific atmosphere of an evening. Today, there are quite effective ways to set up parties where participants can collaborate on music playlist. I am not talking parties in 2005 where we did battle with our iPod. I speak about 2014 parties, when we all have a smartphone in our pocket (or in hand, most of the time).

QCast uses Google Play Music, and the organizer of the party must have an All Access account. Participants will then offer pieces, or simply vote for one or the other to move up in the playlist. It is simple and effective. I will slap on the wrist if no mention of the alternatives.

This is the case of ((sounderbox)), which offers a similar solution has the advantage of integrating Deezer, Spotify and SoundCloud. The advantage of this solution is that guests do not have to download an application: they can use the web app directly from the mobile browser.

Qcast Music

    QCast Music


QCast brings shared party playlists to your Chromecast. When you host a party, everyone can add songs to the shared queue, and downvote those they don’t like – if a majority is reached, the song is automatically skipped. The host maintains the option to swipe songs away to remove them,…

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