1. Geek Uninstaller:

Very convenient to maintain your computer, Geek Uninstaller has just been updated to version 1.4.3. For those who do not yet know this software, Geek Uninstaller simply allows you to uninstall your programs and applications by making sure to remove all residual traces. The utility, which is based on a very sober interface, caters to all Windows users and is very easy to handle.

Geek Uninstaller lists all the programs installed on your PC and proposes to sort them according to their date of installation. A double-click on one of the applications allows you to start the uninstallation. At the end of the process, Geek Uninstaller scans your computer to find residual traces such as installation files, folders attached to the program, or log files that could be generated and become unnecessary.

Download Geek Uninstaller for Windows [Freeware]

2. Dopamine

Dopamine is a lightweight and intuitive audio player with a very neat modern interface, with graphic codes quite similar to what is available in applications Native of Microsoft. Dopamine goes straight to the essentials. This is clearly not an umpteenth audio player offering functions by tens or even hundreds.

The program sticks to what it proposes and does best, namely to read your music in the simplest way that is. Dopamine thus displays your music library in a multi-column system in which navigation is very natural and allows you to quickly access music by artists, albums, genres, songs, etc. It also supports the creation of playlists and offers several display modes to reduce the size of the player window.

Finally, Dopamine displays notifications with or without control directly on your desktop and can be controlled entirely using keyboard shortcuts. The latest software update, stamped 1.2.4, fixes a bug that prevents random play on all songs and solves the problem that did not display the artist list in alphabetical order.

Dopamine Portable for Windows
Download Dopamine Portable for Windows Free Download

3. Solus

Would you like to try a Linux distribution but you’re afraid of being lost in using a new OS? Solus is a Linux distribution that was designed by its creators to be as simple as possible.

This distribution runs can work with the MATE desktop environment, but also features Budgie, a home office environment based on intuitive menus providing quick access to all your software. Solus also includes a notification center as well as widgets: calendar, multimedia settings, connection parameters, etc.

Download Solus for Linux [Freeware]

4. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities the Cleanup and Optimization utility for Windows, has just been updated to version 5.67. The program offers numerous tools to analyze your computer to find and repair breakdowns, errors and other blockages, but also and especially to optimize your operating system often victim of slowdowns over time.

To solve this kind of problem, Glary Utilities offers one-click automatic maintenance operations that clean up your computer from temporary files, repair shortcuts that have become inoperative, or To repair the Windows registry. In addition to fixing some minor bugs, this update improves the disk cleaning module as well as the tool for removing traces, which in particular allows to erase the residual data that can be generated after browsing the Internet.

Download Glary Utilities for Windows

5. MyPhoneExplorer

Synchronizing your phone’s data with your computer is not always easy. MyPhoneExplorer proposes to simplify this by proposing a fully dedicated interface to manage the synchronization of your data: contacts, calendars, SMS, files, etc., many elements stored on your smartphone can be saved and vice versa.

The latest version of the program inaugurates the synchronization for contacts and notes using a vCard or vNote file, but also the synchronization of mobile devices between them. For the rest, the program has been optimized for operation on Windows 10 and offers better compatibility with smartphones running Android 6.

Download MyPhoneExplorer for Windows

. Star Wars Intro Creator

There are opening scenes that you do not forget. The introduction of Star Wars movies is part of it and continues to thrill the crowds with each replay. Young Brazilian developer, Bruno Orlandi has responded to the dream of many fans of the saga, offering Internet users a tool to generate their own personalized introduction with Star Wars Intro Creator . Composed of editable modules, the service proposes to anyone who wishes to modify the traditional content of the official text to appropriate the generic scrolling emblematic

Star Wars Intro Creator retains the well-known fonts of all, as well as the animation once realized thanks to inclined camera effects filming a placard placed flat. All the blocks are modifiable for a personalization of the credits to the extreme, whether it is the title, the subtitle, the episode number, the intro text or the famous formula “A long time In a galaxy far, far away … ”

When you have finished your filling job, just click “Play” to see the scrolling video and generate a unique link that you can share with your contacts or on social networks.

Using Star Wars Intro Creator online

7. SimCity BuildIt

The mobile version of one of the oldest games of Electronic Arts knows this week its first update for the new year. SimCity BuildIt goes in version 1.16.7, introducing a whole new dimension with the club of mayors. It is now possible to join the ranks of a prestigious power company located on a private island. Concretely, this functionality translates into the ability to connect, communicate and trade with other mayors, meaning other players.

Besides simply contacting other players, the island of mayors is the ground for a new way of playing. To begin, you can chair your own club, set the rules, and invite up to twenty-five mayors to become a member. The interest lies in the possibility of developing privileged relationships with other players to exchange resources and improve your city. Teamwork becomes possible, resulting in the creation and expansion of ever more attractive and powerful cities.

To strengthen the community, SimCity BuildIt organizes weekly contests of mayors. Players from around the world compete to advance in divisions until reaching the level of Megalopolis. With the key: rewards unpublished and the right to brag to others.

Download SimCity BuildIt (apk) for Android

Download SimCity BuildIt for your iPhone / ] (Free)

8. Turbo League

Faced with the success of Rocket League it was not long before a development studio adapted the concept to mobile platforms. Openly inspired by its elder, Turbo League is a sport game combining car racing and football. It plays in multi mode in real time, following a schema three players against three players. The goal is to split the ground to grab the ball and score in the opposing goals by performing a series of spectacular acrobatics to conserve or recover the ball.

As the game progresses, Turbo League proposes to personalize his vehicle to improve its appearance and power. The embedded editor allows to express the mechanical artist who sleeps in each player with the possibility of turning a car into a future car.

To facilitate teamwork and optimize the game experience, Turbo League provides a chat module through which players can freely communicate and invite their friends to participate in a fast game. Special mention for the multiplatform property of the game that allows Android and iOS players to compete without limit imposed by the difference of operating system.

Download Turbo League for Android

9. Distraint

Originally released on PC after being greenlighted on Steam, Distraint offers lovers of horrific adventure to experience an unusual gaming experience. In this title in 2D, you play Price, a young man a little too ambitious charged to expel from their housing the bad payers in exchange for a place in a prestigious office.

Rather than concentrating on the sad assignments assigned to Price, Distraint takes on the appearance of a fable and tells dehumanization through Price’s regrets. To illustrate the point, the title puts on a glaucous and suffocating atmosphere, theater of singular events, sometimes incoherent. The player ends up getting lost in a maze of corridors and unhealthy housing, to the rhythm of Price’s regrets.

During the two hours of play proposed by Distraint you are led to solve puzzles, sometimes trying desperately to extirpate you from inevitable situations. The script, the gameplay, the artistic direction and the moral of the history make it a must for the lovers of dark and melancholy stories.

Download Distraint for Android [Freeware]

10. Chimney Presents

Santa Claus is two weeks late, and it might be time to give him a little helping hand. This is the role you agree to endorse in Chimney Presents a 2D platform game honoring pixel art. You guide Santa Claus on the rooftops of the city so that he pours the contents of his hood into the good chimneys. Once you have completed your work, go back to the sled and fly to the next addresses on your list.

Chimney Presents offers a few hours of enjoyable gaming during which you must bypass obstacles and avoid slipping from the roof.

Chimney Presents

Fruit of the work of Daniel Linssen, independent developer productive and with the imagination overflowing. The real danger posed by Santa Claus is undoubtedly garlands of holly, particularly allergic. So be careful where you put your feet and make sure that each child can finally enjoy being wise all year.

Chimney Presents for Windows [Freeware]


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