The vast majority of laptops sold today are running Windows 8.1 with a touch screen. Unfortunately, Windows 8.1 ecosystem is not as well supplied with “touch” apps Android. Fortunately, this is a fairly simple method to take advantage of Android 8.1 on Windows. Andy OS.


Andy is currently only available for Windows 8.1, though an alpha version for OS X and Linux is under test. Andy different solutions like BlueStacks, YouWave or GenyMotion in different ways, it is very oriented “general public”.


The installation is very simple, you just download the executable (EXE) to follow the proceedings and then start setting up your Android system.


You can switch to full screen, to truly turn your PC into Android tablet.


Note that it is possible to run Android applications directly from the Windows desktop, or to receive Android notifications in the Windows 8.1 console. Accelerated OpenGL allows to run a good majority of Android games, and if your PC screen is touch-sensitive, so you can (hopefully) enjoy. Finally, it is not just compatible with Windows 8, but Windows 7.



To download Andy? It’s on the official site. We’ll keep juices for OS X and Linux.

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