Chat Heads  is a handy feature of Facebook Messenger on Android. Bubbles conversation or floating notifications allow to respond to a message quickly, without leaving the current application. You can enjoy it on another email application: here’s how to install WhatsApp’ Chat Heads.



To enjoy floating with notifications WhatsApp, you must be Seebye Roote and install an application that simply brings the floating notifications on your Android. Once Seebye installed, you must then activate the application in accessibility settings of your Android, then allow it to manage notifications on your smartphone. The easiest way is to follow the instructions on the first launch of Seebye.


Once activated, the Chat Heads, or floating notifications appear just when you receive a notification WhatsApp. Round in the form of icons, pictures of your contacts are decorated with a figure for the number of messages received. When you click on a contact, the conversation appears, so you can meet without leaving your current application.


In the manner of heads on Facebook Chat Messenger, you can place floating notifications WhatsApp Seebye of anywhere we want, simply by dragging them. To remove them, you have to press and hold the icon until the cross, it is not enough to “throw” it, like with Facebook Messenger. The application works very well, I especially like the icon management of contacts, we can respond in a conversation without even really hide the current application.

Seebye Chat Heads

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